Assisted Living

Information shared from recent government and local council research indicates that the costs of those in need of assisted care in nursing homes can spiral to extreme levels that can exceed £10,000 a week. Vantage Homes, along with registered care partners and councils are creating pathways to move people out of these nursing homes to progress to assisted living accommodation, giving the individual a true sense of independence, with their own front door.

Extra Care

Our 360 degree approach means that we are much more than just a housing developer.  We work in partnership to support and shape communities, with the aim of improving residents’ physical and mental wellbeing whilst maintaining independence.  

By providing safe and secure accommodation with the necessary support, we deliver sustainable housing that helps maintain independence within the Assisted Living and Extra Care sectors. 

Exclusive Homes

Vantage Exclusive Homes are an inspirational living experience and lifestyle brand.  Typically situated in enviable locations whilst combining high specification and energy efficiency.

A low maintenance, bespoke home wrapped by in architecture that you would expect on Grand Designs are how we deliver our Exclusive collection