Protecting our investors

At Vantage Homes we are commited to structuring our projects with the Investors security in mind. Our extensive legal teams have been working in commerical property since 1968 and are on hand to give dedicated assistance throughout the process.  

Each of our developments follow a corporate structure by utilising a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to protect our clients’ funds and ring-fence assets to an individual scheme.

Investments are also designed to be as tax efficient as possible for all parties involved. When appraising a development scheme, we look for multiple exit strategies to minimise the risk and offer further flexibility.

Investors have the choice to fund all or part of the development whilst receiving a priority return on their investment. Our schemes typically offer the opportunity for investors to be involved in one of the following:


  • Joint Venture – Equity Investors
  • Joint Venture – Property & Land owners
  • Profit Share options
  • Fixed Annualised Returns

Strong expertise in local investment opportunities

One of our key strengths is our skill at partnering with clients, consortia members, advisers and a dynamic supply chain.
By turning the concept of partnering into a set of structured, tangible objectives, Vantage Homes creates visibility of performance and makes those involved truly accountable. We are rigorous in managing the risks associated with completing
complex projects, in setting targets and meeting them. Vantage Homes plan and oversee each development from start to finish. A relentless work ethic, combined with outstanding knowledge of construction and design, sees excellence at every stage of a Vantage Homes development.

Investor profiles

Helping land owners and property investors achieve great returns through joint venture opportunities.

Vantage Homes testamonials

Oxford House is an amazing place to come home to after a long day at work. My studio apartment is very comfortable, specious and light. It was important, as a young female, to live in a secure environment: Oxford House provided this over all other properties.

Helen Wan Oxford House Tenant

We decided to purchase a house from Vantage Homes because the quality and features exceeded what we could find elsewhere. We were able to specify our own personal preferences regarding flooring, kitchen designs and interior finishes.  

Michael and Stephanie Mason Home Owners

We looked at several options when we wanted to develop a bungalow on a large plot we inherited. Designing and doing the work ourselves was not an option due to work commitments. Being referred to Vantage Homes, we were able to agree on a joint venture. Recieiving a positive experience has given us an amazing…

Gemma & James Wallis Joint Venture

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