Breathe Care & Living

Breathe Care & Living

Driven by the increasing demand for secure assisted living for two specific client groups – those with learning disabilities and the over 65s – Breathe Care & Living was created.

Along with extensive research by our Founders and studies conducted by the Care Quality Commission, it has been clearly identified that there is an immediate need for urgent, large-scale investment in the care sector.

Working in partnership with councils, the NHS and registered care providers, our core focus is to create exceptional homes for those in need.

Breathe Care & Living, in partnership with care pioneer Dr Carolyn Kus, was established to develop optimum living spaces which meet assisted living and extra care needs in the public, private and community sectors.  Together, Breathe Care & Living with Dr Carolyn Kus are transforming the care housing landscape.

Breathe Care & Living is so much more than just a housing developer: we work in partnership to support and shape communities, with the aim of improving residents’ physical and mental well being whilst maintaining independence.  Our unique approach to housing and care means communities thrive and people can live fulfilling lives.  By providing safe and secure accommodation with the necessary support, we deliver sustainable housing that helps maintain independence.

Vantage Homes testamonials

Oxford House is an amazing place to come home to after a long day at work. My studio apartment is very comfortable, specious and light. It was important, as a young female, to live in a secure environment: Oxford House provided this over all other properties.

Helen Wan Oxford House Tenant

We decided to purchase a house from Vantage Homes because the quality and features exceeded what we could find elsewhere. We were able to specify our own personal preferences regarding flooring, kitchen designs and interior finishes.  

Michael and Stephanie Mason Home Owners

We looked at several options when we wanted to develop a bungalow on a large plot we inherited. Designing and doing the work ourselves was not an option due to work commitments. Being referred to Vantage Homes, we were able to agree on a joint venture. Recieiving a positive experience has given us an amazing…

Gemma & James Wallis Joint Venture

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Partnerships lead to stronger communities.

Stronger communities lead to independent and fulfilled lives.